Abbey House Gardens

Ian & Barbara bought Abbey House in 1994 to make it their home for their family of three children and in the autumn of 1996 decided to create a garden that might attract visitors from around the world to the historic town of Malmesbury. 

Ian formerly enjoyed a career in property development.  Some of his most notable work is visible in London; buildings such as the Marco Polo building opposite Battersea Park by Chelsea Bridge and the Sainsbury Homebase building in Kensington. 

Barbara is a self confessed ‘Jack of all Trades’ listing teaching, fashion modelling, promotional, sales  and marketing work on her C.V. 

Both enjoy the decorative arts in all its forms and whilst Barbara grew up in a garden with a small holding Ian made his first forays into horticulture as an adult once he owned a property with land on the east side of the country. 

The purchase of C16th Abbey House with an unusually large5 acre town centre garden, fed an interest in history the couple share.  Empty for 3 years after its previous owners had vacated, it needed a good deal of work and love to bring it back to the comfortable family home the Pollards knew it could be. 

Ian & Barbara now spend their every moment tending family and garden, rarely going further than the garden gates.  “We can visit other gardens in our library of books and from our collection of DVD’s” says Barbara, “although I’m not sure our children will forgive us the lack of holidays away!” 

Ian’s epitaph will read “Why not?”  This is the fir

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