Aqueous Consultants

Aqueous Consultants are a Malmesbury based ecological and environmental consultancy company. We carry out extensive design, improvement and management programs for clients in 4 main genre.

  • Ecological. Improving and protecting natural environment, biodiversity improvement, nature reserve design, biological action plans and conservation studies.
  • Environmental. Project feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, phase 01 assessments, visual impact assessments, reed bed filtration systems and planning solutions. 
  • Lake and Rivers. Bespoke lake design, lake rejuvenation, river improvement, irrigation lake design, flow management, fish farm design, fishery improvement programs, water quality improvement.
  • Farming. Diversification, irrigation lake design, drainage solutions, reed bed filtration systems, biodiversity improvement and set aside habitat improvement.
  • For more information please see our website or call 01666 823909, we'd be glad to help. 

    03 Avenue De Gien, Malmesbury, SN16 9GX, Wiltshire, UK
    01666 823909
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