Cross Hayes Pre-school

It is the aim of our Pre School setting to provide a safe, healthy, happy and stimulating environment where all children feel valued and included and are able to develop to their full potential by learning through play. We will provide a safe, secure environment. We will promote all aspects of healthy living. We will act as good role models, emphasising respect and kindness. We will celebrate achievements in all aspects of the children's work. We will provide opportunities for all children to be a part of our local community. We will provide a wide range of resources, giving children the opportunity to excel in all areas in an environment where they feel loved and developed as individuals. We will welcome all parents into the setting and work alongside them to form a good partnership. We will provide positive and meaningful experiences in an environment that is fun.
Market Room, Town Hall, Malmesbury, SN16 9BZ, Wiltshire, UK
07884 284897 (during pre school hours only)
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Town Centre