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Devizes MP, Danny Kruger has said he ‘regrets’ that the new coronavirus measures had to be implemented.

THE boss of Morrisons has warned that a no-deal Brexit could see prices rise in stores.

Metal thieves struck hundreds of times in Wiltshire last year, new figures reveal.

The Local Government Association has called for councils to be given more powers to tackle rogue traders who deal in the spoils of metal heists.

It is ‘far too early’ to say what the next year’s council tax rates will look like, say council bosses.

CONCERNS have been raised that some barbers and hairdressers are not following Covid safety rules.

Staff in close contact with customers for an extended period of time must wear a visor and a face mask to provide a barrier from respiratory droplets caused by sneezing, coughing or speaking.

A self-claimed former soldier is accused of trying to suffocate his partner while he chanted in gibberish.

A PARENT of a pupil at St Mary's Primary School in Tetbury has tested positive for COVID-19.

Social gatherings of more than six people will be banned in law under new measures to control the virus.

WILTSHIRE households could see more than the planned 2.9 council tax rise next year, because a new budget has to be set for 2020/21.

Wiltshire’s Liberal Democrats have called for a freeze in train fares, ahead of the annual increase.