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No more baby Gemmas and Craigs? The names which could become extinct Featured

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IT'S hard to imagine opening a tabloid newspaper or women's magazine and not seeing reality star Gemma Collins' face.

But in years to come, there might not be any new 'Gemmas' to replace her hitting the headlines.

Gemma and Craig are two of the names on a list of baby names which could become extinct in years to come.

According to data from the Office of National Statistics and an investigation from The Guardian newspaper, there have been some big changes when it comes to baby names between 1996 and 2017 in England and Wales.

In 2017 there were just 25 newborns called Craig compared to 705 in 1996 – a 96.5% drop.

While the name Gemma had suffered a -98.5% decrease going from 1,261 in 1996 to 20 baby Gemmas in 2017.

They are not the only names 'at risk' though.

Friends fans have clearly turned their backs on the name Ross with only 50 born in 2017 compared to 1,044 in 1996 while the name Kirsty has had a 99.1% drop to 11 newborns in 2017.

The other 10 names on the list for boys include Jordan, Macauley, Kieran, Scott, Lee, Ashley, Mitchell and Shane.

The girls 'at risk' list includes Shannon, Jodie, Danielle, Lauren, Kayleigh, Jade, Rachael and Rhiannon.

Experts believe parents opting for ‘virtue in rarity’ including more unusual names with different spellings have meant such a huge drop for many previously popular names.

According to The BabyCentre, the top 20 baby names for 2019 so far have been influenced by binge TV with botanical names also on the up.

Top 20 girls' names

1. Olivia

2. Sophia

3. Lily

4. Ava

5. Mia

6. Isla

7. Amelia

8. Freya

9. Isabella

10. Emily

11. Aria

12. Evie

13. Grace

14. Isabelle

15. Ella

16. Ivy

17. Sophie

18. Willow

19. Charlotte

20. Elsie

Top 20 boys' names

1. Muhammad

2. Noah

3. George

4. Oliver

5. Charlie

6. Harry

7. Leo

8. Arthur

9. Jack

10. Freddie

11. Jaxon

12. Ethan

13. Jacob

14. Theo

15. Oscar

16. Alfie

17. Henry

18. Archie

19. Joshua

20. Thomas

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