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B4040 named as most expensive road to maintain Featured

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UPKEEP of the B4040 running through many towns and villages in North Wiltshire has cost Wiltshire Council hundreds of thousands of pounds, according to a new study.

Altogether £613,393 was spent on maintaining the B4040, which runs from Acton Turville through Malmesbury to Cricklade in 2016/2017, making it the most expensive road to maintain in Wiltshire.

This was the largest amount spent on any road in the last 12 months by Wiltshire Council.

In 2015, Wiltshire was given £86,644,000 by the government for the maintenance of local highways until 2021.

Motorists who frequently use the B4040 have said they have noticed a difference in the state of the road, but think the upkeep should be done differently.

Tracey Rose from Dauntsey, said: “All the roads are bad, all they seem to do is patch them up.

“The roads would be much better if they were resurfaced, not just patched. I just feel that if they spent the money on the whole road it wouldn’t cost so much mending pot holes.”

Shelley Davies from Upper Minety, added: “I use the B4040 every day between Minety and Malmesbury and have to say I know a lot of roads that are a lot worse. “

“The only real moan would be the side of the roads that are breaking a little but that is mainly due to the lorries that speed on it every day.”

Denis Fitch from Great Somerford, said: “I’ve always found the B4040 one of the better surfaced roads around Malmesbury - apart from the bit that runs out from the Triangle along Bristol Street - then once out of town, it’s pretty good again.

“Certainly from Minety all the way through to Acton Turville, it’s one of the better roads.

“I ride a motorbike on it regularly and believe me, you have to be more aware of the road surface on a bike than you do in a car.”

Asked about the high cost of the works carried out to the B4040, a Wiltshire Council spokesman said: “We carried out work to around 30km of road on the B4040 to seal the road surface to protect the underlying structure and to ensure the road has adequate skid resistance.

“Investing in this road now has increased safety and ensured its longevity, saving money in the longer term.

“We prioritise work on our roads to ensure funding is directed to those areas that need it most.”

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