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Snow didn't stop these dairy farmers Featured

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NOT all heroes wear capes, but farmers at Brinkworth Dairy definitely deserve them after ensuring customers near Malmesbury still got their milk deliveries in the heavy snowfall.

The weather last week made many roads in North Wiltshire impassible, but that didn’t stop Ceri Cryer from doing the milk round in Brinkworth and surrounding villages on Friday.

Residents have hailed Mrs Cryer as their local hero for going above and beyond for her customers.

The team at Brinkworth Dairy worked tirelessly defrosting pipes, milking cows, and bottling the milk.

Mrs Cryer, whose family have run Brinkworth Dairy for five generations, said: “On the farm it was really hard work, working out in the cold.

“All the pipes were frozen and we bottled the milk overnight as we didn’t want to have to defrost them again.

“With the milk round, there is a financial aspect to it.

“We have to get our work done, but also, we don’t want to let the people down.”

The milk round, where Mrs Cryer delivers pints of milk to 120 homes in Brinkworth and surrounding villages took six hours, rather than the normal four as she drove in first and second gear, making her way around the homes very carefully.

“When I did this, I pictured a specific older lady we deliver to, and I kept thinking there is no way she is going to get anything from the shops in this weather,” she explained.

“That is the person I thought of, I couldn’t let her down.

“Everyone was really grateful. A lot of people greeted me at their doorstep.

“For the people who are completely isolated, it is great to provide something for them.

“I had to do the milk round in first and second gear so it was very slow, but it was good because people were told not to travel so the roads were quite clear of traffic.

“There was so much snow. I parked up on the main road, then ran to take the milk to people’s doors.

“Some ended up with it on their driveway, so some would have discovered it in the snow, but they didn’t have to worry about it going warm.

“Even if people did manage to get out, there wasn’t any milk in the supermarkets.

“There were so many farmers with milk which wasn’t collected, so farmers had tanks full of milk they had to throw away.

“It is crazy, there was no milk in the supermarket but farmers had so much, it was a transport nightmare.

“On Saturday shops were running out of milk, so we did a few deliveries, and I managed to go sledging. It was nice to have a bit of fun after all the hard work.”

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